Friday, 31 May 2013

Tubes Must Be Freed - FR Feed-Piping Saves World

Perhaps Ted Stevens regarding his infamous "series of tubes" speech would be fearsome of Futuristic Reader? The truth is FR will save the Internet by preventing web-traffic-jams. The congestion, which Ted wrongly feared, will be averted.

FR will save the world, or at least the Internet, by making sci-tech news easier to catch and digest. A streamlined approach to news, regarding technological acceleration, will really save the world because these feeds will make it easier for people to feed their minds, which means people can become more intelligent. Intelligence is the solution to everything.

Now for the serious stuff. You may think Ted's anti-net-neutrality bunkum is a thing of ancient history, but on the 28th May 2013 Technology Review published an article stating the battle is not over. Free the tubes! I agree with David Aames, David said Thomas Tipp was right, "people will read again."

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