Friday, 7 June 2013

Boycott Twitter - Acquiring Feeds TOO Difficult

I won't really boycott Twitter but I'll definitely omit Twitter feeds from Futuristic Reader. It is a shame I often feel the need to embed Tweets, embedded Tweets are very useful, is it is shame Twitter couldn't also provide an useful feeds option, I don't enjoy depending on disrespectful services. Twitter is making it very difficult and perhaps impossible to obtain a feed, this is the problem. Formerly it was very easy to obtain a Twitter feed, you merely adjusted the Twitter URL to the search term or profile you wanted, but now it seems you need a write a JSON App and then convert the App to RSS.

The problem is Twitter is retiring API 1.0 on the 11th of June, according to engadget, which I only discovered towards the end of building this FR site. On 6th of June the Twitter API 1.0 suffered a blackout (death-throes) ahead of the June 11th end. I have asked around a few places to see if there was an easy solution but it seems not.

Anyway if a social network makes it difficult to share information, in this case via feeds, then I am very disinclined to favour that network with my time and energy. Walled gardens, limits, restrictions, or obstacles regarding sharing, it is anti-social, it is the antithesis of being social, social is all about sharing therefore even if I could implement a Twitter feed, I have decided not to. I am actually thankful for Twitter's hypocritical anti-social stance becuase the additional reddit feeds I've added are better quality than the initial Twitter feeds had intended to use:

Phew! Here are some feeds, or resources, I was unsure about including or decided not to include:
Ro-bots or  Possible  Possible

Finally I'd like to fit in the feed for Robert Scoble's YouTube uploads, but I'm unsure where to fit it:

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