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Science and technology are rapidly becoming very futuristic. Amazing news overflows. Radical research abounds. Discover the latest news about artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, robots, nanotech, synthetic biology, 3D-printing, stem cells, and other similar topics via FR.

I'm Singularity Utopia. I dislike walled gardens. FR lists my favourite sci-tech feeds, it helps me track sci-tech news regarding updates I post to Singularity 2045 (see badge below). FR is primarily for my own benefit, but in addition to benefiting myself I hope other people will appreciate Futuristic Reader. From the Index you can add feed links to your own reader.
Accelerating Awareness.
You can digest stimulating news and debate via FR and S45. Note the video below regarding naturally occurring mechanical gears, which allows us to see how the divide between machines and biology is likely a false divide. "Machines" will become biological, our understanding of "biology" will increase thereby allowing significant editing of DNA. Life will transform via synbio and biocomputing.

Note how solar cells continually improve, continual investment happens regarding AI and cell biology, weird amplituhedron exploration happens in quantum physics, technology accelerates, amazing computation happens, 3D-printing evolves, bacteria could power phones, and nanotech fights disease.
FR was inspired by the death of Google Reader.

Google Reader died on July 1st 2013 therefore tracking the latest news became somewhat difficult. Many people mourned Google Reader. People were greatly surprised by Google's decision to kill a much loved and very useful service. People responded by creating or discovering alternate services. Futuristic Reader is my sci-tech replacement for Google Reader.

It seems Google is becoming anti-RSS because Google's RSS Alerts also died when Reader died, which was somewhat expected but nevertheless another stumbling block. Google's Alerts were apparently tied into Google Reader, but it didn't need to be this way because feeds are typically designed to be read by any reader. Oddly, a couple of months after killing the RSS component of Google Alerts, Google reactivated the RSS aspect of Alerts.

Considering Google's vacillation, regarding the RSS component of Alerts, I think Google and Bing RSS News are good replacements for Google Alerts, they are more like to be dependable and their RSS search format is simple. Replace the search words below (after "?q=") with your own words or word, you don't need the plus sign if you only have one search word. Hopefully they won't kill off RSS news too soon.

The Google Feed API was utilized to display feeds on FR, but considering Google's desire to kill services, combined with their apparent hostility towards RSS, it is likely Google will kill their Feed API at some point in the future. Hopefully I will find a replacement when, or if, Google kills the Feed API, assuming they don't also kill Blogger. There is also a possibility Google could kill feedburner, according to some predictions, which would be troublesome but not an insurmountable problem.

Below are some Tweets in response to the end of Google Reader, which are useful for posterity or you will find the Tweets useful if you're looking for a good RSS reader. Note also Replace Reader (), created by Three Stanford Students.

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