Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sci-Tech Feeds To Possibly Include

I am discovering new feeds all the time, in a previous post ( I noted some good feeds for future reference. In this post I will expand on my notes. The following feeds are not currently (7th Sept 2013) listed on FR but perhaps I will slot them in somewhere, or least one of them. I will probably update this post when I discover new feeds to possibly include on FR. In the meantime you may want to add one of these to your reader.

Discover Magazine

There is also the Facebook feed for 33rd Square to consider. To acquire feeds for Facebook pages you need to add the ID number to the following link (directly after the = sign):

The Facebook feed for 33rd Square is therefore:

There are various ways to find the Facebook page ID, you can view the source code (regarding the relevant page) then search for "profile_id" or page_id= or perhaps the simplest method is to use Facebook often changes the ability for people to acquire feeds so the above method for FB feeds may not work in the future.

Note also AI Is Awesome and Transhumanism on Facebook.

I could also add the G+ page feed 33rd Square, created via:

I think I might replace (AKA with

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