Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bee Robot Molecular-Bio Revolution DNA Cages

Uploading a bee brain into a bee robot is revolutionary. This collection of G+ posts from Singularity 2045 also focuses on a molecular biology revolution. PhysOrg described how a forthcoming "...explosion of data combined with ever more powerful computers is bringing about a second revolution in molecular biology." Hacking T-Cells is mind-blowing too. We live in a marvellous world of self-assembling DNA cages.

I've not embedded news about MRI being using to visualise gene activity inside brains. I also refrained from embedding the post about E.coli being modified to withstand radiation, likewise edible electronics, but those three posts are equally important. Radical news overflows. It is difficult to distil the potency of technological news to achieve a concise summary. Hopefully via limiting the embeds to six posts, combined with the two links above, this will create powerful appraisal of technology at the end of March 2014.

The overall message of this blog entry is regarding the difference between machines and biology evaporating, evident by PhysOrg commentary ("...researchers are working to engineer biology much as they engineer high-tech machines..."), or evident via the synbio creation of living materials (E.coli re-engineered to produce " nanowires, conducting biofilms, and films studded with quantum dots, or tiny crystals that exhibit quantum mechanical properties.").

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